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The Mercedes Benz Gelaendewagen is renown as the ultimate four wheel drive SUV. Off road it performs superbly; in fact, it is probably unbeatable. On road it is a plush, comfortable, excellent handling vehicle. It has a “heavy feel like other Mercedes, is extremely strong, and is ‘built like a tank’.” It is used by governments all over the world where it is the preferred 4X4. It comes in a Long Wheel Base five door (you count the rear door), Short Wheel Base three door hardtop, and a Short Wheel Base Cabriolet.

We sell what are generally regarded as the best engineered and most reliable 4X4′s one can buy.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, with its removable hard top, is one of the toughest, strongest, most reliable, and most durable of all 4X4′s produced. Off road, it has been very difficult for others to match. In town, it is nimble and fun to drive. With the hardtop on or off, the FJ40 is always a head turner. The FJ40 was sold in the U.S. from 1958 to 1983, but production continued beyond this date for other countries.

The Gelaendewagen, is also known as the Gelaendewagon, Gelandewagon, Gelandewagen, G-Wagen, and G-Wagon.